Master-Touch Dental Lab


We fabricate a full suite of digitally designed and manufactured dentures and partials from your digital impressions or 3D model scans. 



Valplast 3D


Valplast 3D

MTDL was the first lab to offer Valplast in 1948, and is the first lab to offer 3D printed Valplast today. Our revolutionary process for 3D printing the world's most popular flexible denture means less chair time, fewer visits and more productivity for you and your clinic. 



  • 3D printed Valplast
  • Custom milled PMMA denture teeth
  • 3D printed models
  • Custom trays, occlusal rims and try-ins extra


Laser sintered chrome framework


laser sintered chrome frameworks

RPD construction has never been easier than with 3D printed, laser sintered chrome frameworks from MTDL. Using cutting edge digital manufacturing, metal powder is fused together to create the strongest, most detailed frames available. 



  • Laser sintered chrome framework
  • Your choice of framework only or complete RPD with teeth and gingiva
  • Complete RPD's include milled PMMA gingiva and custom milled teeth
  • Try-in included with complete RPD orders
  • Custom trays and occlusal rims extra


PEEK RPD Framework



Modern advances allow for the use of high performance polymers to be used in partial framework construction. The result is a strong, lightweight and metal-free partial denture that fits perfectly in your patient's mouth. Our PEEK frames are digitally designed and milled from your digital impression and can be combined with either acrylic or Valplast saddles. 



  • Milled PEEK RPD framework
  • Your choice of acrylic saddles with PEEK clasps or Valplast saddles and clasps
  • Custom milled PMMA teeth
  • Try-in included with complete RPD orders
  • Custom trays and occlusal rims extra


coming soon


Digital Dentures

The future is digital, and this includes denture construction. At MTDL we've been working hard over the past several years to develop our own method for designing and fabricating digital dentures using the most advanced software and materials. The result is an excellent fitting appliance with outstanding aesthetics, and a workflow that integrates with digital technology. 


coming soon