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The world's first Valplast lab. digital denture pioneers. 

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digital denture pioneers

Master-Touch is proud to have always been on the forefront of cutting edge dental technology. We invented the Valplast flexible denture in 1947, and have always looked to the future to develop products that share the common goal of improving patient experience. 

Today we offer a wide range of digital denture products including 3D printed Valplast, laser sintered chrome frameworks, milled PEEK frameworks, digital full dentures (coming soon) and 3D printed baseplates and custom impression trays. Our products integrate with all popular digital impression systems and desktop scanners, giving your practice predictable results and faster turnaround times. 


    Seamless Integration

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    Use any digital impression system or desktop scanner to acquire impressions and bite registrations for your patient. 



    Our expert technicians use advanced computer aided design (CAD) software to design the digital denture or partial for your patient. 


    Our lab will 3D print or mill the designed restoration and prepare it for delivery to your patient. 



    Plays With Others

    Digital impression systems are taking the industry by storm. Your office and your patients love the simplicity and speed of digital impressions, and your experience with digital impressions shouldn't end with single unit crowns. Master-Touch gladly accepts impressions from any intraoral scanner that adequately captures soft tissue for partial denture construction. Simply put, we want you to maximize the utility of your equipment so that you can maximize your time with your patients. 

    Accepting all major scans including

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